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Just a question, i just received a breeding project! An Alakazam HA with counter is it possible knowing counter is a MT from 3d gen and DW is not available in this game? Thanks!
I should be able to help with this if you need it. Thanks to advice from the forum, this Alakazam is on my hit list for my current playthrough of my VC Red version.
Looking for a NA Marshadow code, mine was defective and won't work for me! If anyone has an extra or looking for anything to trade (in game obtainables and most HAs, will breed egg moves), I'm happy to do so!


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Wow, it's been a while since I've been around these parts. I'm looking for a NA Marshadow code; in return I can trade something from my heavily outdated trade thread, or we can work something out.
NA Marshadow code up for trade

Nicknameable shinies or being able to use your shiny save state to hatch one is an auto buy!
Meh, I'm feeling too lazy to go pick up a code. TG me the details for the Pokemon you want to breed, and I'll see if I have a spread you want. Just a heads up, I don't have a flawless SpAtk spread saved, just ones with non-zero Atk IV's.
Hello all, I was reading the rules and I wasn't entirely sure from the posts, but if it's okay I'm looking to nickname some Pokemon recieved via trade if anyone has that ability? I want to make sure the OT stats the same cause I know that was pointed out as illegal here, but I hope the name changing is okay, if so let me know and I can maybe get you some nice breedjects?
LF a gen 6 squirtle or blastoise with a modest nature and aura sphere. Have some things to offer for it if wanted
I have some Rain Dish 5 IV males in a Dive ball. You can have one for free.

EDIT: I was hatching some Jolly Togedemaru eggs and I have 2 males and 2 females with 5 IVs (except SpAtk). They are in a Fast ball and have 4 egg moves.
If anyone wants one for free, leave me a VM.
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