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Stall in SM OU

Discussion in 'Policy Review' started by blunder, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. UltiMario

    UltiMario Out of Obscurity
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    Aug 11, 2009
    As previously mentioned, this isn't even a discussion we should start for a long time. It's too early in the metagame to look at playstyles when we're still trying to figure out the initial banlist. However, if we absolutely must entertain this discussion now, there's a few things I'd like to talk about.

    Let's maybe try and get some objectivity on the matter. I have some personal opinions against how trapping in general is discussed in the context of the last 2 or 3 gens, but I'll try and keep this post to some facts only. Let's use some data to try and build up a real argument here.

    ORAS can only provide a limited view to the future of the SM tier, but it's at least an indicator of rough patterns based on past tiering decisions.

    Of course, there's the obvious one that we'll get out of the way first: We went to save Sab once with a STag ban, then ended up banning Sab in the long run. I feel like talking about this is beating a dead horse, but there's at least some precedent that removing trappers does not significantly reduce the power of Sableye in a metagame. It cuts off one of its best support options, but the fundamental issues of why Sableye is the core of every stall team is still there. It still prevents hazards and stallbreaking options like Status and Taunt from really impacting most stall teams, where as otherwise those types of stallbreakers are significant threats to those team types. Again, everyone's heard this one, so let's move onto something that's a little more recent.

    The impact of Sableye's ban on Dugtrio in ORAS. Dugtrio is significantly more powerful in SM, and I doubt it'd fall from OU without Sableye's presence, but the incredible impact Sableye has when leaving a metagame can't be understated. I'll be looking at a number of stats here:

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    Dugtrio's usage pre-Sab ban (ou-1695):
    | 51 | Dugtrio | 3.73668% | 73067 | 1.292% | 53932 | 1.294% |

    Dugtrio's usage last month (ou-1695):
    | 70 | Dugtrio | 1.98665% | 17494 | 1.455% | 13185 | 1.525% |

    Dugtrio's current performance in ORAS SPL:
    | 33 | Dugtrio | 1 | 5.00% | 100.00% |

    Current SM Duggy usage:
    | 19 | Dugtrio | 9.04439% | 88332 | 3.941% | 64191 | 3.889% |

    SM SPL results:
    | 7 | Dugtrio | 10 | 16.67% | 60.00% |

    ADV SPL results:
    | 7 | Dugtrio | 5 | 25.00% | 60.00% |

    ADV OU usage last month (ou-1695):
    | 14 | Dugtrio | 16.92944% | 4352 | 14.203% | 3075 | 12.746% |

    As stated earlier in this thread, it's not impossible to build a decent Sab-less stall team, and Dugtrio is still fairly good in non-stall teams. However, let me remind you all that there was serious discussion to try and ban Dugtrio from ORAS for the sole reason of keeping Sableye in the tier. The argument ended up being shut down since Dugtrio never really compared to its Shadow Tag brethren and ultimately Sableye left the tier. In it's wake, we see a Dugtrio that's overall underperforming. It has won in its single appearance in SPL, but if it really was something that could be squeezed onto non-sableye stall to great effect we'd be seeing more of it. Its usage in OU mirrors this sentiment. If we want to analyze this data to project the impact of Sableye on Dugtrio's usage in the SM OU metagame, you can look at varying factors, including team mate statistics, percentage point drop, or raw percentage drop depending on how you want to interpret the data, which would leave Dugtrio with 4.83% to 7.29% usage, heavily favoring the 7.2% zone.

    The significance of those statistics can project the impact of Dugtrio and Sableye on the metagame, to an extent. One point I'd like to bring up that a Sableye ban would certainly bring Dugtrio's usage to less than half of gen 3 usage stats, and I can't even remember a time where I heard someone bring up banning Duggy in ADV OU. Obviously the more gens we drift from SM the harder comparing gens becomes, but data does drive a significant point: At all levels of play, Dugtrio performs better by itself in RS (the metagame where Dugtrio's place in the metagame is most similar: a very strong "generic" trapper) than in SM, and only at the top level of play in combination with Sableye does it exceed that level of power (Sab 80% WR, 4/5 games). I'd also like to throw in there that removing Sab stats from current SPL record would leave Duggy at 5 games and 40% WR, which isn't exactly outstanding.

    The reason I bring this up is to remind everyone here that "trapper hate" is an extremely recent and maybe misguided approach to the game. Sableye+Dugtrio is quite strong, but there isn't an objective measurement to really say it's Dugtrio that's overperforming. We've survived ADV where Dugtrio was in an even better position and nobody even bats an eye. On the other hand, I'm sure there's a number of you that are looking at this thread and would ban Dugtrio even if we got Sableye out of the way first. The point I'm trying to make here is that I don't really think that a lot of the Sab or Duggy ban talk is being very objective, and is mostly down to discussion between pro players about what types of games pro players do and do not enjoy playing. There's a good amount of statistics we can look at that we can really use to create an argument very much bound in realism, and most people tend to ignore it for anecdotal discussion.

    I'm pretty tired and I went and re-edited this post a few times before submitting, so I might've had some repeat phrases in there or something, but I'll cut it down into a tl;dr:

    We're not far enough into the metagame to really make a call yet. However, current evidence implies heavily that Dugtrio isn't inherently broken, especially when compared to previous metagames, and likely not the Pokemon at fault if stall becomes an issue in the future. P.S. Less subjectivity, more objectivity.
  2. njnp


    Dec 9, 2014
    Yea, this is still an issue. There are 5 viable stalls right now in tour play and ladder play which is the most I've ever seen playing on mons servers for 5 years.

    SPL Stall
    Ciele Stall
    NJNP Stall
    Leftiez Stall
    TDK Stall

    These are the relevant tour builds you can find many different variations if u wanna go on ladder but yea..you can't make a team that beats all these stalls without being weak to normal threats/normal teams. It has come to a point where you just have to pick which stall to prep for and pray you are correct. The "only" safe thing that can be consistent vs all of these builds as me and ABR realized as we were talking is max atk rocks from lando and even then you need to play well to keep them up. I'm honestly not really sure what this post will accomplish before wcop but I had to say something on this matter.
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  3. TDK

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    Apr 15, 2013
    We tested Dugtrio towards the start of the metagame because, at the time, we felt stall, thanks to Dugtrio, was too strong. The community voted against banning Dugtrio, choosing not to take any action.

    I'm not going to rule out any future tests that are aimed at "nerfing" stall, but they won't be for a while unless stall becomes more pressing than it is right now. Retesting Dugtrio (or Arena Trap) can happen, but it's basically going to be a second test regardless of if it's Arena Trap or Dugtrio, and we aren't going to test it a second time so soon after it was voted to not be banned. If someone would like to argue for a reason to suspect Mega Sableye rather than Dugtrio, feel more than free to bring it up here, but as of right now I don't believe it should happen and there really hasn't been any interest expressed on the Council for prioritizing Sableye over Dugtrio. Not ruling out the possibility of it happening, but I disagree with it being more pressing than Dugtrio and haven't seen anyone formally express interest in a test for Sableye since ORAS outside of Tele's post in this thread a few months ago.

    Talking about the Stalls that NJNP outlined, I disagree with the degree of "viability" he's speaking of. I'm not going to bother with the standard Stall team because everyone knows the team and thinks it's a very solid team. The other teams, however, have a multitude of issues and are borderline unviable in the current metagame.

    Ciele's team, with the release of Mega Medicham, is practically unusable in the current metagame. Medicham is capable of 2HKOing or OHKOing every member of the team with just High Jump Kick / Zen Headbutt / Thunder Punch. If paired with something like Tapu Koko or a Pokemon capable of pressuring Clefable hard, stuff to keep rocks up, or stuff to Knock Off Clefable's Leftovers, it makes it even easier and doesn't require Medicham to have Zen Headbutt. The quickest way to alleviate this issue is to run Groundium Dugtrio, which can OHKO Medicham, but this opens the team up to a lot of threats and makes playing stall a lot more difficult without Sash. Things like Kyurem-B, Heatran, and two 'Mons you need Groundium for (MMedi, Hoopa-U, Mega Mawile, etc). While some teams can afford to run Groundium Dugtrio viably, I don't think this team is one of them.

    NJNP's team struggles greatly with SD + SR Landorus-T, even moreso than the other stall teams mentioned in the post. Due to the lack of an Unaware Pokemon, the only existing counterplay is to go Tangrowth and HP Ice, which fails to OHKO even after rocks. Another issue with the team is, due to the lack of Chansey, Dugtrio is forced to gt Rocks up. After experience with using this set, Dugtrio is one of the worst Rockers possible on Stall, as getting it in isn't easy and getting them up is just as challenging. Not to mention the fact that, without a Chansey, this team greatly struggles with Volcarona. Psychic Volcarona is capable of defeating the team with ease, as the only existing counter play is preserving Dugtrio's Sash and keeping Mega Sableye completely healthy, and then getting good rolls between Sableye Knock Off -> Dugtrio Earthquake.

    Leftiez stall I admittedly am not super familiar with, but this team simply doesn't seem good. Toxapex is capable of sitting on everything, beating every 'Mon but Dugtrio one on one and keeping Toxic Spikes up pretty well when packed behind offensive pressure or with a Pressure 'Mon like Zapdos or Suicune. SD SR Landorus is an even bigger threat than most stall builds because of the fact if they're up the game is basically 6-4. Ground/Dragonium Z Garchomp, Shed Shell Lele, Rocks + Zapdos + Regenerator Pokemon, and SD Bulu also all pressure this variant of stall even harder than others. Not to mention the fact things like Tapu Fini coupled with a breaker not easily killed by Dugtrio, Sub Coil Zygarde with Toxic, Sub Seed Serperior, and Manaphy all also obliterate this stall due to the lack of Clefable / Toxapex / Grass-type. This team relies entirely on keeping Rocks off the field and that's much easier said than done when you face a team that doesn't just bend over to Stall.

    Lastly, the Pyukumuku team I liked at the time of creation, but it simply is not that good now. Firstly, Rocks on Dugtrio is not good, as I detailed out earlier. And all sorts of new trends that were popularized after I used the team in SPL pressure it. CB Zygarde without absolutely flawless prediction just dismantles the team, Shed Shell Lele practically can't lose vs this team, Mega Metagross + reliable Rocker is more than capable of breaking this team as it relies on Skarmory to beat it, as well as the fact Zapdos + anything that can beat CM Blissey seems unbeatable. Simply put I wouldn't bother with this team anymore without major reworking.

    But yeah, if it wasn't really evident I don't think any of these stall teams are worthwhile in the current metagame aside from the tried and true variant. Maybe a new one can surface between now and WCoP, but I don't think there is. That's not to say these teams won't be used, but the weaknesses these teams have don't really bring up any reason to want to ban a similar aspect on these teams.
  4. Leftiez

    Leftiez This day will come soon.
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    Jan 21, 2012
    I totally disagree with your entire post, most of these teams bar mine (which was built during pheromosa era hence why there is a shedinja to begin with) can adapt, ciele stall doesn't lose against Medicham if you decide to use Sucker Punch + Earthquake which is a blatant 2HKO with really prior damages:

    252 Atk Dugtrio Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Medicham-Mega: 156-184 (59.7 - 70.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
    252 Atk Dugtrio Sucker Punch vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Medicham-Mega: 73-86 (27.9 - 32.9%) -- guaranteed 4HKO

    While you can still use Pursuit as a Marowak / Lele Shed Shell counter measure even though Knock Alomomola might be enough for that if you play correctly.
    Obviously you have to drop Screech but and so ? Screech only works in stall vs stall matchup so you have an easier pp stalling because there are no win condition so this is definitly not a big loss.

    In case of NJNP's Stall, ben gay proved that dropping Sr for Whirlwind on Skarmory was a better add as you don't have any Unawares user, so yeah once again you can drop Screech on dug and keep Eq / Stone Edge / Pursuit (no need reversal as you are using eject button Toxapex and still trap everything the team needs you to trap (Volcarona / Marowak / shed lele) while now countering any sort of SD Lando.

    I really didn't get what you tried to explain in your post but if that was so much easy, stall wouldn't be a dominant playstyle and the one with the most wins in our official tournaments right now.
  5. I'm Rick Astley

    I'm Rick Astley
    is a Tiering Contributor

    Dec 23, 2014
    I won't make this post about the overall state of the meta, but instead I'd prefer to look at the arguments in the suspect thread. Dugtrio received a very high 58% ban vote, which is obviously just short of the supermajority. We've had tests that came close to a ban before, but didn't quite cut it, but what really separates the Dug test out from other close tests are a lot of posts like P2's and Tele's:


    The reasons they gave for not banning Dugtrio here weren't because stall is fine, but because they believe Sableye is the problem instead. That means that while a supermajority of voters didn't agree on Dugtrio being a problem, there is a strong consensus among the community that something needs to be done about stall in its current state. I realise that stall isn't an easy style to suspect test members of because you can't really separate out the different parts of a core in the same way that you can on offence. While most people might agree on stall being a problem, we can't agree on what the exact cause is, which is a tough dilemma to solve.

    Stall being untouched after the test wasn't because of a mistake of the council, but based on the overall feeling in this thread and the Dug suspect thread I believe deciding not to look at stall for a long time would be a mistake. This might involve doing something like having a couple of a weeks of a Dugless ladder, then a couple of weeks of a Sabless ladder to see which pokemon is actually at fault, but we ought to still be looking at this teamstyle as a major issue in the current metagame.
  6. njnp


    Dec 9, 2014
    Yea tdk's post imo was poor, I already made my comments on it. Only thing the post bout the light was the councils views/position on stall which are very displeasing.

    Show Hide


    I don't need to express addition opinion that isn't already covered in those screenshots of me replying to tdk's post and leftiez covered in his nice post.

    Bless Up.

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  7. MrAldo

    MrAldo (llsshock)
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    Apr 18, 2014
    It is actually amazing how the only constant between the 5 stall teams posted in Dugtrio, yet people insist in calling Mega Sableye the problem. Really interesting.

    I think the dugtrio suspect has some interesting results despite not being what some people wanted or expected. I think the only "fault" of the dugtrio suspect was the timing cause most of the people visioned other Pokemon as far more broken and concerning than Dugtrio atm, and a Dugtrio retest is doable (but like in a distant future) since technically the majority (58%) though Dugtrio should have been banned but didnt due to suspect politics. Not suggesting any change on the supermajority since I believe that works. And that a retest sounds doable in the future based on the results.

    I still insist Dugtrio is the problem and that abilities like Arena Trap are just plain broken. Mega Sableye on a metagame where hazard control is actually fucking atrocious looks more like a healthy presence instead. The only thing that bothers me greatly is calling Manaphy and serperior unviable, but thats a completely different topic.
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  8. John

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    Aug 16, 2009
    Literally Skarmory.

    On a more related note, the notion that you absolutely have to prepare for each and every stall archetype that NJNP presented in his post is definitely a stretch. It is simply impossible to do this while still having a team that functions well vs everything else. This isn't even a stall problem either, just the nature of the game. More and more threats added = harder to account for everything. Additionally, not all of those teams are what you'd call consistent or even practical, as TDK outlined in his post (excluding standard vanilla stall because that one is pretty tried and true).

    All that isn't to say that I don't think there is a problem btw. I wasn't exactly sure 3 months ago and still am not. The rest of the council also hasn't felt strongly enough about the stall "issue" to propose a change from what I remember. Doing something like testing Dugtrio/Arena Trap so soon after it was voted to stay in OU would simply make it look like we are pushing an agenda in my opinion. I think the best course of action for right now is to be patient and see what happens to the metagame with the next couple of tests. If people continue to see this as a big issue moving forward, we can look at tackling this from a different angle.
  9. njnp


    Dec 9, 2014
    All these stalls except leftiez stall and I guess tdk stall have been proven with consistent tour wins in various tournaments. That statement is disregarding the fact tdk won with his in spl and marshall should have with leftiez if he didnt play so poorly. There also is yes the tired consistent stall that went undefeated in spl. You also have to consider all these variants work really consistent on ladder as well which the council seems to keep disregarding.

    I'm sry but the you guys the council just keep posting the same bullshit supporting your ideals and just rewording it. I mean it kinda is ridiculous that some council members additimely are just ignoring people who ask them about their opinions of metagross suspect cause they didn't include them in the metagross post.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2017
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  10. Martin

    Martin Assassin
    is a Live Chat Contributor

    Jan 9, 2013
    I put off posting in here before the Duggy suspect 'cause I was a bit worried about the type of response a post like this would get at the time, but in hindsight having regrets over a Pokemon forum is fucking stupid so I'm just going to do it. If there's backlash then there's backlash and I can just boil it off by doing things that aren't Pokemon.

    I stand by the statement that Sab makes Duggy an issue and not vice versa, and the fact that Dugtrio is not unhealthy on offense is testament to the fact that the issue doesn't come from trapping in a vacuum. Honestly I do think that the effect of trapping abilities gets overstated, and I never have had–and never will have–any issues with them, but the big thing to notice with Dugtrio is that the moment you remove the element of hazard control without drawbacks that you get with Mega Sableye is that being able to actually use it with anywhere near as much consistency is harder than it was before; if you can't block hazards, you have to regularly remove them with Skarmory or Zapdos or whatever spinner/defogger(s) you opt to use in order to keep Dugtrio's Sash in tact, and if you lack Sash you can only really get Dugtrio in on doubles, faints, and weak attacks as opposed to having any of the same freedom that you get from being able to bust it on switch-in to fire off a Reversal/EQ or whatever as well as losing the freedom to trap things which use DD/QD/whatever after doubling in due to the fact that you can't bust it on their attack. Part of the reason why Sashless Duggy functions on offense is because sacking things is much less crippling due to the playstyle functioning as a series of 2-3 'mon cores as opposed to a single six-'mon core and because you can also fall back on things like VoltTurning (which stall doesn't have the luxury of running short of Pyuku without sacrificing other important tools) to get it out versus what it needs to trap.

    The other thing to consider is that, while Dugtrio traps a lot of stallbreakers right now, without Sableye a lot that Duggy doesn't trap with the same type of consistency/at all without sacrificing Sash become a lot more effective in that explicit role. I'm talking about things like Mew and Taunt Gliscor and other traditional stallbreakers that Sab either stalemates or completely shuts down. If the issue is that Pokemon like Tran or Tyranitar or Lele which otherwise give stall a huge headache get trapped by Sash Duggy, then the issue isn't the fact that Duggy can trap and remove them so much as the fact that the stallbreaking methods which don't get trapped as consistently simply lack the potency due to the presence of another overbearing threat. As much as I'm sure everyone's sick of the comparison between XY stall and ORAS stall due to the fact that every pro-sab ban poster has used it a trillion times, it is definitely worth noting the stark difference in the effectiveness of trapping abilities on stall as an archetype, the methods of stallbreaking which were used, and the potency of the stallbreakers which Dugtrio has difficulty with between the two metagames that the introduction of Mega Sableye caused, and realistically speaking the attack buff that Dugtrio got doesn't offset this to an extent where I would expect it to change it.

    That said, I don't really have any issues with stall at this point in time. While I do believe that it could be looked into in the future 'cause it is definitely pretty unreasonable to prep for it fully without falling flat vs. other things, I think that this is in large part due to the fact that there are significantly more pressing issues in the tier that would need to be addressed before we can identify whether stall is actually unreasonable to build for or whether it is just that we can't properly deal with the restriction on both sides (see: Mega Metagross, Greninja etc.) that require compromising other matchups to deal with. I don't really agree with having suspects which don't fall that close to the bulls-eye in the (admittedly somewhat outdated) characteristics of an uber until other candidates which do fall more blatantly into them have been looked into, and this includes looking into nerfing playstyles (what people are talking about with regards to stall atm).
  11. TDK

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    Apr 15, 2013
    I guess it wasn't clear enough, but my post isn't even stating that I think stall isn't "too good" or anything of the sort, simply that the reasoning NJNP provided in his first post was quite poor due to the fact he greatly exaggerated the viability of multiple stall builds when only one, maybe two, stall build(s) actually holds consistency in the current OU metagame. Sure, inconsistent or bad teams can be used, and even win an important game or win multiple games, but that doesn't mean the team is good. I don't think any of the teams NJNP displayed are worthwhile in this metagame as I detailed in my prior post.

    Both the Shedinja and the Pyukumuku team are simply unviable in this metagame; at most there are two viable variants of stall right now. Sure, some can come up, but that's not at all the point of my post, this discussion, or relevant right now.

    Ciele's team relies entirely on
    a) keeping rocks off the field to beat Mega Medicham, as you can't even suicide Defog to get them off vs it;
    b) using Alomomola + Dugtrio to beat Shed Shell Lele
    c) using Skarmory + Clefable + Alomomola to beat offensive Garchomp

    Not to mention the fact this team has an absurd weakness to Tapu Koko, relying on chipping at it with Chansey and Clefable. This team is far weaker to it due to not only the lack of a Sableye, allowing stall a switch in to non-Gleam Stallbreaker Koko, but also the multitude of hazards the standard team has, chipping Koko greatly. Ciele's team greatly misses the lack of Toxic Spikes, amplifying the issue of the aforementioned threats.

    Sure, I was probably too harsh on this team in this metagame, but none of the other variants are good, consistent teams.

    Except Whirlwind Skarmory isn't a perfect Landorus counter. If Skarmory takes a +2 Continental Crush, it's basically out of commission for the entire game. Not to mention the fact +2 Edge can easily dent Skarmory enough that it can't check Landorus the next time it comes in. You legitimately can not counter Landorus-T adequately on stall without using both Skarmory + an Unaware Pokemon; there's no way around it. Whirlwind Skarmory is far from a perfect answer, despite you making it out to be.

    Not to mention the fact you're acting like ben gay's variant flawlessly handles these threats when his Dugtrio was Groundium Z which leaves the team incredibly open to Volcarona. I've also never seen this team use Stone Edge Dugtrio in the many times I've seen it in action, but sure it can run it to handle Volcarona.

    Legitimately nothing you pointed out in your two screenshots refute any of my points about the stalls being inconsistent or not viable enough to take into consideration for tiering. I'm not going to cover what I've already said earlier in this post in response to Leftiez, but you say things like "the shedinja team in the right hands can easily win games" and pointing out if you mispredict vs stall, you're likely to lose. Yes, those are things that can happen, but that's apart of Pokemon. If you play better than your opponent does, you typically will win the game. That's pretty much what we aim for with tiering. When both sides are high level players, the player who wins should play near flawlessly to win the game.

    Beyond the Ciele team, I also totally disagree with your opinions about the stall builds and fail to see how they aptly respond to the threats I pointed out other than stating "no they're not weak to that," which is what your response ultimately translates to.

    As I said previously in this post, winning a single tournament game or a series of games does not make a team good, especially when said games took place in a metagame that is no longer current. If all you have in response is that they've won a tournament game I'm not sure what I'm supposed to respond with, because winning a tournament game does not make a team good by default.

    You complain about us responding and holding the same opinion but complain about a lack of communication in the same paragraph. I'm not sure what exactly you expect from us other than to simply act to your every whim.

    If you don't want to offer any reasoning for your opinions, which you really haven't so far other than stating that having 5 viable stalls make stall need a nerf (which would not necessarily be true even if there were 5 viable stall builds), then I'm not sure what you're attempting to gain out of publicly calling us out. You simply have called my post bad, complain about the Council "posting the same bullshit," and attempted to dispute my post while stating things like the stall user will win vs someone if they play better, which is pretty much what we hope for in tiering, not an "issue".
  12. Leftiez

    Leftiez This day will come soon.
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    Jan 21, 2012
    Don't get me wrong though, my post wasn't about you spreading bullshit or w/e you think it is, njnp said that, not me, it was just to point out the fact that the same way metagame adapt to stall the same way stall adapt to metagame and i can see this still being an issue later, however i agree with bro fist on the fact that metagame naturally becomes harder to cover with pokemon being added up each generation but then should we consider it as a relevant point in our tiering process ?
  13. praj.pran

    praj.pran super sayiyan BITCh
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    Feb 12, 2014
    some stats from st
    Clefable / Chansey / Dugtrio / Skarmory | 102 | 3.76% | 70.59%
    Toxapex / Clefable / Skarmory / Sableye / Chansey / Dugtrio | 49 | 1.81% | 69.39%
    Clefable / Alomomola / Skarmory / Zapdos / Chansey / Dugtrio | 42 | 1.55% | 73.81%
    honestly this is some worrisome stats
    all duggy does is trap the problematic mon and kill it which is kinda stupid tbh and bit uncompetitive its due to its stupid ability arena trap plz do smt abt it before wcop
    (quick ban arena trap ._<)
    if stall was easy to beat it wouldn't be having such good win ratio in st :C
    just wanted to sparkle the dicussion again <_<
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  14. p2

    p2 someone tell me what abr stands for
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    Oct 26, 2014
    Honestly before anything can be done here, I think we should establish what the key problem of these teams are, and the collateral damage of what can happen whether Sablenite, Dugtrio or even some other component of these teams are looked at.

    I've been a proponent of a Sablenite suspect since oras because I think it's the key issue with stall. I don't necessarily think stall is too broken at this stage in the meta, but it is very difficult to prepare for between Sab stall + double defog stall, all of which have different forms of counterplay to each others threats, and I do feel a nerf to stall is something that should be considered in the near future. The tier is pretty balanced atm especially with mgross+bp bans, there's nothing massively overbearing outside of stall which I guess has made it a little easier to prepare for but it should still be looked at.

    Anyway, the restrictions Mega Sableye(when paired with Arena Trap or vice versa) place on building and even playing are what I feel push it over the edge. I don't think a single thing on stall is broken, but when there's a combination, it definitely feels like something should be done, but what?

    • Banning Sablenite: My main issue with Sablenite is that it suffocates counterplay through status, you can't rely on taunt users nor can you reliably get rocks up, this is a pretty big deal when double defog stall is similarly common and rides off the fact that stallbreakers like Mew or Gliscor and Stealth Rock users like Terrak, Tran have fallen out of favour over the last little while. Banning Sablenite reduces the number of big stall builds and effectiveness of them, but not to the point where they are unviable, they still have the option of trapping threats with Dugtrio and they can still outplay threats.. It's a heavy nerf for sure, but it means there isn't such a radical difference between the main stall teams and usually provides the option of good consistent options that can constantly put in work vs stall (aforementioned Mew, Gliscor, makes getting hazards and applying pressure against defog users easier)

    • Banning Arena Trap: Banning Arena Trap will completely crush stalls viability in the tier and make it near impossible to function as a legitimate playstyle, going with an Arena Trap ban is an extremely huge buff to stallbreakers and pretty much anything else that isn't immune bar fat grasses. this also removes strategy some offensively based teams rely on such as using Dugtrio to remove threats like Toxapex, Heatran, Tyranitar + others. Along with destroying stalls viability, it removes legitimate options non-stall teams have available and removes some counterplay for big threats. However it ensures stall will not be problematic again. But, the result of the Duggy suspect test doesn't make this a particularly viable option until at least another few months down the line.

    • Other?: There aren't really other options. Banning Chansey is a dumb meme. Toxapex? Defog? Magic Bounce itself??
    There's very little to go off of though, there's nothing to show which idea may be the better idea, there is no current meta without either threats for players to make a judgment for themselves. Suspect ladders aren't a good indication of a meta because people just spam sample teams with little to no regard of meta development nor do they seem to give a shit about what happens at the end of the process. Perhaps the bp ban will vastly reduce this, but that's an entirely different issue.

    I think an extended suspect process for all of the involved components of stall should be looked at in one, with separate ladders to allow people to have a grasp of the meta and actually see what it looks like on both sides (one with no Sablenite, one with no Arena Trap). Providing the insight we need here will probably shed some light on what we should really do in the future about this. But just to clarify, my thought process on this is a problem exists with Mega Sableye + Dugtrio, but no problem exists with Dugtrio + anything else, but on the other hand, no problems really exist with Mega Sableye + anything else either. It's a pretty odd scenario, but targeting one side in a suspect clearly didn't work, so trying the other side may give the answer.
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  16. Robert Alfons

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    Can somebody please reiterate why Shadow Tag is considered uncompetitive but Arena Trap, which largely does the same thing but fails to trap a handful of things that Shadow Tag does trap (still leaving you capable of trapping over 2/3 of the tier), may not be uncompetitive? I have trouble seeing how banning Arena Trap is even remotely controversial, seeing how we have a strong precedent in the form of the ban on Shadow Tag.
  17. ABR

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    I'd like to start off by saying that the council is completely open to the idea of a Sableye suspect test, as well as retesting Dugtrio / Arena Trap. However, we still don't think that stall as a whole is problematic, and really nothing has changed over the last month. If anything, less focus on covering Metagross/BP should leave room for more stall prep, when there already was some room to begin with. If stall wasn't worthy of a test one month ago then it most definitely is not now. You may see that there is an issue and that's fine but at the moment the council does not. There are many ways to break stall - you just have to treat prepping for Skarm and the boys like you do Greninja and Zygarde.

    A smaller banlist is an idealized banlist, assuming the metagame is balanced either way. That is not a council belief but rather a belief of the greater Smogon philosophy, and it makes sense too. We only create and implement rules when there is a problem worth addressing. OU tiering, as a whole, deemed Shadow Tag "uncompetitive" solely as a criteria for banning it, because it was hindering the metagame. Confuse Ray is technically "uncompetitive" but it isn't overpowering or harming the metagame so we don't touch it. In the same vein, if Arena Trap isn't deemed a reasonable hinderance to the metagame (it currently is not to the council) then it shouldn't be tested. This is also why Arena Trap or Shadow Tag aren't banned in older generations - they aren't deemed a largely negative presence. Additionally, there is the fact that Smogon usually tries to ban pokemon first, and only abilities when abilities break multiple pokemon (except weird form-change cases like Zygarde-C). In the case of Shadow Tag, most people found Wobb and Gothita to also be negative presences in the metagame, and I'm not sure the same can be said about Diglett.

    In regards to all of the aforementioned points, and to both p2 and Robert Alfons, I'd like to clarify a few things. When I say that "the council believes x", it isn't an example of us being unjustly tyrannical. We are who we are because we make tiering decisions that aren't entrusted onto the masses. If we simply took the will of the Smogon masses then there wouldn't be a need for the existence of a council at all.

    Additionally, the same Smogon masses deemed Dugtrio deserving of staying OU not too long ago, so it's still a bit soon to retest there. We obviously can't repeatedly test things that stay OU because then that tilts the scale in favor of the pro ban side always. So, the only possible test at this point in time would be Sableye, but Sableye isn't currently deemed a problem so nothing is happening at this point in time.

    I hope I cleared everything up.
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