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Quality Control Uxie QC [0/3]

Discussion in 'RU Analyses' started by ThatRandomPerson42, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. ThatRandomPerson42


    Mar 31, 2017
    [​IMG] Update: Post updated, Uxie model now animated.

    • Though it may not be your first choice as a lead Pokemon, Uxie's movepool and great defense stats can make it viable for RU, setting itself apart from other leads.
    • It has access to many utility moves, allowing it to be an effective, yet underutilized pivot and stealth rock setter.
    • Uxie has access to Thunder Wave and Yawn, which cripples the opponent more while switching out against Pokemon with typing advantages with U-Turn or sacrifice itself with Memento.
    • The pivot/utility Pokemon also has a niche in setting fields/weather like Rain Dance. Unlike other Rain Dance setters, it has the great bulk to set it.
    • Uxie also has immunity to ground type Pokemon thanks to Levitate, which is nice facing the many other SR users that are ground types.
    • However, Uxie's offensive presence means that it can't be relied on as a decent attacker.
    • Also, it has no reliable recovery whatsoever, which can cause more issues towards its role as a utility.
    • It can also be susceptible to Taunt, shutting down its utility roles. Even with Mental Herb, it might get suspected to getting taunted twice, which can shut down another one of its utility roles.

    name: Support Lead
    move 1: Stealth Rock
    move 2: Psychic
    move 3: Yawn/Thunder Wave
    move 4: U-Turn
    item: Leftovers
    ability: Levitate
    nature: Bold
    evs: 252 HP / 108 Def / 148 Spe

    • Stealth Rock is a good move for Uxie, since it has the bulk to carry it out against the opponent's field.
    • Psychic is Uxie's main damaging move, allowing Uxie to damage Kommo-o and Chesnaught more easily.
    • Thunder Wave can be utilized to cripple faster Pokemon that can threaten Uxie, like Zoroark or Sharpedo, or any other fast Pokemon, like Swellow and Feraligatr.
    • Yawn can be used to make opposing Pokemon like entry hazard removers and Pokemon with SE moves have tendencies to switch out, giving Uxie a chance to use U-Turn to grab momentum to switch to Pokemon of your advantages.
    • U-Turn can be used to switch out from threats like dark types while dealing some damage to them at the same time, but be aware of slower Pursuit users still being able to damage to it.

    Set Details
    • Max HP and 108 defense EVs could be set to take on the many physical attackers in the tier and to set up Stealth Rock, with the Bold nature boosting the defense stat.
    • 148 speed EVs are used to outspeed max speed Hoopa and Cloyster.
    • Leftovers is recommended for Uxie, as it is the only form of recovery it has.
    • Levitate, the only ability of Uxie, is useful, as it can attempt to pivot through or cripple Pokemon without having to take damage or get slowed down from most entry hazards.
    Usage Tips
    • Uxie is a decent lead in RU, and most of the time, it should be safe to lead with.
    • Uxie's great bulk allows it to be able to switch in against the many other leads that can't do much to Uxie, being able to either cripple them with Thunder Wave or threaten them with Yawn, giving it more chances to use Stealth Rock.
    • If Uxie has Yawn, it is a good idea to attempt to use it against Rapin Spinners from the likes of Donphan and Dhelmise or Defoggers from the likes of Mantine and Gligar.
    • Keep in mind that since Uxie has no reliable recovery, you should think twice before constantly switching it in mindlessly.
    Team Options
    • If Uxie has Memento, setup sweepers like Linoone and Flygon may appreciate the lowering of their opponent's attack and special attack stats.
    • When planning to use Uxie as a mid game pivot/utility, you can have fighting types like Chesnaught, Heracross, and Kommo-o attempt to filter out dark types from the likes of Umbreon and Sharpedo.
    • Uxie can look forward to Escavalier to filter out Magic Bounce Espeon and trap it with Pursuit.
    • If a Rain Dance moveset is chosen, water types like Kingdra appreciate the support from Rain Dance.

    Other Options
    • Uxie can use Psyshock instead of Psychic, to damage Pokemon like Dragalge and Roserade more easily.
    • The lead Pokemon can have Memento to sacrifice itself after setting up Stealth Rock and helping setup sweepers to endure hits from the opponent. Darkium Z can be paired with Memento to sacrifice itself to lower the opponent's attack stats while healing a switched in teammate.
    • Uxie may have a dual screens role along with packing Light Clay, but Bronzong's better suited at that job.
    • It can also serve as a field setter, having a role on setting up Trick Room, Rain Dance, or others. However, certain terrain movesets aren't the best movesets for it, as other Pokemon are preferred for the same role. For instance, Drought Torkoal is better at sun utility than sun setter Uxie.
    • Toxic gives Uxie the ability to attempt to either wear down bulkier opponents or set sweepers on a timer.
    • Mental Herb is another item option, but unless you plan on continuing to use it as a utility Pokemon mid game, it isn't really needed, as Taunt leads aren't very common in RU. It is also only recommended for the Trick Room set.
    • Colbur Berry is an item Uxie can carry, but that will remove its only form of recovery.
    • Knock Off is an option for Uxie, but it's not easy trying to fit that into movesets.
    • Heal Bell gives Uxie a role to heal its Pokemon while then U-Turning.
    • Dazzling Gleam can be used to damage dark types, including Pangoro, which Uxie can OHKO. However, the lack of STAB, along with the mediocre special attack stat, can't help Uxie do much against some other dark types.

    Checks and Counters
    • Dark Types: Pangoro, Zoroark, Sharpedo, and Honchkrow threaten to 2HKO Uxie with their dark type STAB moves, plus are immune to psychic type moves, but note that they can be crippled by Thunder Wave or be threatened to be put to sleep by Yawn. However, Sharpedo and Zoroark, being pretty frail, may not appreciate U-Turn that much. Umbreon can wall Uxie, even if it has Signal Beam or Dazzling Gleam, as Uxie does little to it whatsoever.
    • Ghost Types: Hoopa, Doublade, and Dhelmise can give trouble to Uxie, as Uxie can't do much damage to them, plus the first two can attempt to set up on it. However, Uxie can attempt to cripple them with Thunder Wave or threaten them with Yawn.
    • Bug Types: Escavalier can threaten to OHKO Uxie with Megahorn, even without Choice Band. A +1 Durant can rip through Uxie with X-Scissor almost all the time. Galvantula and Heracross can also attempt to break through Uxie, but keep in mind that they don't tank through Psychic or Psyshock well.
    • Taunt Users: Though uncommon, fast Taunt leads like Froslass, Archeops, and Aerodactyl can shut down Uxie's non-damaging moves and proceed to set up entry hazards while Uxie either attempts to do damage or switch out. Other Taunt users like Comfey can Taunt it at ease and set up on it.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2017 at 7:32 PM
  2. Stan Soojung

    Stan Soojung

    Jan 12, 2017
    Not a QC but, there's just a lot of illiteracy as well as small errors

    • "While Uxie may not be your first choice as a Stealth Rock Pokemon" the phrasing of this is slightly off, Uxie isn't a 'Stealth Rock Pokemon', it's a Pokemon that utilises Stealth Rock.
    • "which makes it viable for RU." say, "which can make it viable in RU".
    • "Momento." it's memento lol
    • "Also, it has no reliable recovery whatsoever, which sets more problems to its jobs." this is pretty vague, try something like "which can cause more issues towards serving its role as a _______".
    • If I were you I would mention Rain Dance at least somewhere in here, one of Uxies main niche over other Rain Setters is its natural and sustainable bulk.

    [Set Comments]
    • To be more concise, I would rephrase: "Thunder Wave can be used against Pokemon that can threaten it like Honchkrow and Zoroark" to "Thunder Wave can be utilised to cripple faster Pokemon which can threaten Uxie, namely _______"
    • The segment about U-Turn needs some work, mention how it gain momentum and pivot out against opposing Dark-types that want to switch in against Uxie.
    • I'm not going to go into to much detail with the rest, but a lot of these need to be more concise and better explained I guess.
    [Usage Tips & Team Options]
    • This segment is really short, too short. Mention how it's great bulk allow it to switch in against a lot of common mons and take advantage of their lack of ability to really do anything to Uxie and take advantage of that to set up rocks or cripple them with T-Wave or Yawn.
    • For TO, comment on how Kingdra really appreciates the support of Rain Dance.

    [Strategy Comments]
    Other Options

    • First striking thing that I see is how you've used "Uxie" a lot. Try and avoid that by using different words to substitute "Uxie".
    • "Uxie may have a dual screens role along with packing Light Clay, but Bronzong and Registeel are better suited at that job, and screens aren't that great in the RU metagame." Registeel literally never runs Dual Screens, and the last part about how screens aren't good in the 'RU metgame' is fruitless, I'd just remove it.
    • I would honestly acknowledge Toxic as a somewhat viable option, being able to take on much bulkier opponents and how its able to put sweepers on a timer.
    Checks and Counters

    • Mention Taunt here, Pokemon like Comfey can switch in at ease and shut down Uxie all while proceeding to set up.

    lol i hoped this helped
  3. ThatRandomPerson42


    Mar 31, 2017
    There. Added the suggestions/fixes.
  4. ThatRandomPerson42


    Mar 31, 2017
    This analysis thread is now ready for QC.

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