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When are you free for MWP? Saturday and Sunday morning work best for me, but Thursday night and Friday morning also work. GMT -6
Hi, welcome to Smogon tan1998. Please read the forum rules before posting a thread in the future. Because you did not obtain moderator approval before posting this thread as per forum rule 1, I will have to lock this.

u r now band from forms until your further my notice

professor jonathan mars
hey, for bw uu cup r2, i'm gmt-8 and can play on weekends and every weekday after 8pm my time
hi i think you should give mysterious m the act win against me in BW UU Cup. I missed the scheduled time
black and white (two) underused, Greenwich mean time plus two, when do you wanna play? not today not Wednesday
Turn 9
The opposing Gligar used Rock Polish!
The opposing Gligar's Speed rose sharply!
Rotom used Thunderbolt!
It doesn't affect the opposing Gligar...

Jesus is that you?